Student dormitory: Novi studentski dom, K. P. Svacica 1 c


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phone number: +385 31 251 123

Dormitory rules and regulations (extract)

Use of rooms and common facilities
Use property belonging to the dormitory carefully. Report any damage to or loss of property to the receptionist immediately. Students are required to pay compensation for damage they cause.
Dormitory residents must keep their own rooms clean, as well as the common facilities (kitchens and study areas).
Alcohol and drugs
Use of alcohol and drugs is forbidden in the dormitory.
The dormitory employees have the right to inspect students’ rooms if there is reason to suspect that a student has brought objects or substances forbidden by these rules into the dormitory. If the dormitory supervisor has reason to suspect that a resident has possession of illegal substances, goods or drugs, the matter is always reported to the police.
Moving out
You are required to inform the dormitory supervisor about your plans to move out of the dormitory permanently, by the end of the preceeding month.
Before you move out, a dormitory employee is going to inspect your room to see if it has been cleaned. If the room has not been cleaned, you will be required to pay a fee.


Until further notice, all visits to the Student dormitory are prohibited, unless they are neccessary for the protection of health and security of the residents.
Organizing parties and celebrations in the indoor and outdoor areas of the dormitory is prohibited.
Social distance. It is neccessary to maintain social distance – at least 1,5 meters, and whenever possible 2 meters.
Entering the dormitory is prohibited if:
–    You are showing symptoms indicative of Covid-19 – fever, respiratory symptoms (cough, trouble breathing, throatache), losing your sense of taste and smell, diarrhea, vomiting
–    you have been ordered to self-isolate
–    you have been diagnosed with Covid-19
The abovementioned students are to be moved in the self-isolation room, where they can stay for up to 48 hours.
Monitoring body temperature. Students should take their temperature every morning and evening, and keep written record of it.
Masks. Students wear protective masks in all common areas of the dormitory. Masks are not worn in student rooms.
Personal hygiene.
•    wash your hands often with soap and water. This includes before and after eating and after going to the toilet
•    use alcohol-based hand sanitisers when you can’t use soap and water
•    avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
•    clean and disinfect surfaces you use often such as benchtops, desks and doorknobs
•    clean and disinfect objects you use often such as mobile phones, keys, wallets and work passes
•    increase the amount of fresh air by opening windows
•    avoid sharing meals, glasses, cups, silverware, hygienic products and school supplies with others